Dr. Owen Mtambo

Biostatistician and Head of Data Science Department

Dr Owen Mtambo is a Biostatistician and Head of Data Science department since May 2022. Owen holds a PhD (Statistics) from University of South Africa (UNISA) in 2020, an MSc (Biostatistics) from University of Malawi (UNIMA) in 2012, a BSc (Mathematical Sciences) from Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences (MUBAS) in 2007, and a DipEdu (Sciences) from Domasi College of Education (DOMCOL) in conjunction with UNIMA in 2001.

He is an accomplished teaching professional and a health researcher with a background in Mathematical Sciences (Mathematics, Statistics, Biostatistics, Computer Science, and Data Science) with 5 years of teaching Mathematics in public secondary schools in Malawi and 15 years of lecturing, designing curriculum, supervising, assessing, examining, researching, publishing, and community engaging in various public universities (Kamuzu University of Health Sciences in Malawi 2021-2022, Malawi University of Science and Technology 2019-2021, Namibia University of Science and Technology 2014-2019, and Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences 2007-2014). His most significant research work includes analysis of childhood overweight and obesity using spatio-temporal quantile interval models. For the past 10 years, Owen has provided statistical guidance to over 10 (Honor’s and Master’s) students who successfully completed their studies. He has also authored and co-authored over 10 publications in peer reviewed Journals. Owen likes training students and junior researchers how to analyze complex data using STATA, R, and PYTHON.

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