Research Governance

Department Head

Chikondi Ngwira



To bring the research teams and the organization together in promoting and improving the quality of the research studies conducted under TRUE through intensifying Research Governance strategies and guidelines, monitoring of research studies and training of research staff to ensure data quality and trustworthiness, and ensuring safety of our research participants and the community at large.


To be a proactive department in governing research projects implementation, ensuring that the research teams are compliant to Ethics and Regulatory requirements as well as all relevant legislations, and ensuring that data quality and integrity are maintained throughout the research implementation and that safety of the participants is guaranteed.


    • To enhance the culture of community engagement and involvement in the organization and across the study implementation sites.
    • To coordinate and support opportunities for community engagement by providing a structural link between internal and external partners.
    • To ensure that community members are fully engaged at different levels in the implementation of study-related activities and feel that they can contribute meaningfully to the project activities and develop competencies/capabilities that enable them to participate fully.


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