The operations department is the administrative hub of TRUE and this department deals with all matters related to human resource


To promote smooth operative studies and improve the functions for all TRUE departments through provision of collaborative, efficient and well-organized support system that are satisfying and supportive in nature.


Envision a future in which all TRUE staff enjoy optimal operational and administrative support for all their projects, career and personal well-being.

Our Core Services

The core services of the department are:

  1. To support the PIs, Team Leaders and Researchers with human resource planning, recruitment, staff development and staff retention.
  2. To establish policies and procedures that ensure that Terms and Conditions of Service and other HR policies are compliant with the Malawi legislative requirements such as the Employment Act and Malawi Labour Laws and that any legislative changes are promptly updated and disseminated to relevant staff members
  3. To coordinate the performance management and appraisal system.
  4. To support capacity-building and the training and development of staff.