Benefits and safety of Iron supplementation with Malaria chemoprevention to children in Malawi (IRMA) – A randomised controlled trial

Start and End dates: 2018 to 2023

Source of Funding: Australian National Health and Medical Research Council ($1.8 million)

This is an individual-randomized, Phase III, double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial assessing the safety of 6 months of iron-supplements (oral iron syrup or multiple micronutrient powders (MNPs) or placebo) given together with intermittent preventive antimalarial therapy (monthly dihydroartemisinin piperaquine or placebo) and its effect on child development and other key child functional outcomes among Malawian. We are recruiting 2,168 children at 6 months of age in Chikhwawa district and following them up until they are 18 months old.