Start and End dates: 2016 to 2020

Source of Funding: DFID/MRC/Wellcome Trust and European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) ($1.8m)

The overall aim of the study is to provide the WHO with definitive evidence to determine whether monthly IPTp with DP, alone or combined with a single course of AZ at enrolment, is a viable alternative to the current strategy of monthly IPTp with SP in order to improve the outcome of pregnancies in areas with high levels of parasite resistance to SP and moderate to high malaria transmission and prevalence of STIs/RTIs in East and Southern Africa. It is a multi-centre, 3-arm, parallel, partially placebo-controlled, individually randomised, phase-3, superiority trial involving 4,680 (1,560 per arm) pregnant women in approximately 10 sites in areas of high malaria transmission and high SP resistance in western Kenya, northern-eastern Tanzania and southern Malawi.