Grants Management Department


The Grants Management department provides financial oversight and budgetary support to PIs, Team Leads and Researchers within TRUE. The department has three members including Grants Manager, Accounts Officer, and Assistant Accounts Officer.


Our vision is to be a department recognized for providing excellent customer service, including provision of pre and post grant management services, and reliable, accurate financial information.


Our mission is to provide grants and financial management services through collection, interpretation, and maintaining of financial information while providing quality customer service to both our internal and external clients. We strive to protect the financial integrity of TRUE in a changing regulatory and technological environment.

Our Core Services

The core service is to maintain grant compliance and reporting, including outcome measurements and grant budgets, taking responsibility for meeting high standards of effectiveness, timeliness, and completeness. Specifically, our services include the following:


  1. Maintain, develop and improve as necessary, all procedures to ensure all accounting transactions are properly recorded and that there are adequate systems of internal controlling.
  2. Prepare project reports and assist Principal Investigators in the management of their budgets.
  3. Manage all the Unit’s accounts and to be responsible for them.
  4. Manage cash flows.
  5. Maintain up-to-date accounts for research grants.
  6. Meet legal requirements in terms of tax payments.
  7. Prepare reports and participate in the review of applied grants.
  8. Ensure effective facilitation of financial audits and implement any audit recommendations.